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Wells Fargo Detention Center (AKA Bank) has been investing billions of dollars in Immigrant Detention Centers (AKA Concentration Camps).  Wells Fargo is a major share holder through it's mutual funds investments in GEO Group one of the three leading profiteers in the immigrant detention center business.

At the same time Wells Fargo invests aggressively in anti-immigrant lobbying to pass laws like Arizona's SB 1070 which fill those camps with undocumented profit. For every day an immigrant is held in a detention center there is profit to be made. 

This is a new chapter in a long sad history of Wells Fargo making money off migrant pain.  In the 1940's Wells Fargo made big business as a main bank holding 10% of Bracero earnings hostage.  Although eventually the bank claims they returned those moneys some Braceros who are yet to be paid have filed law suits against Wells Fargo. 

More recently Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia Bank and looked the other way when evidence that Wachovia was laundering moeny for Drug Cartels in Mexico emerged.   Profit over people then and now.

In Arizona for the past decade up to and including the passage of SB 1070 a notoriously anti-immigrant law, Wells Fargo provided office space for Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Sherrif Arpaio is the most anti-immigrant law enforcement officer in the nation.  He created tent cities to house the many migrant people he made it a point to go after.  he marched detention center detainees in pink underwear in the streets.  Only after repeated protest against Arpaio threatened their business did they decide to evict the anti-immigrant Sheriff.

We are realizing now that the bank is actually much more of a threat to migrant people than even Sheriff Joe Arpaio because in effect they profit from the violence he carried out.

67 Sueños decided this kind of profit from migrant people's pain needed to be exposed and confronted.